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Mubin UL Haider - Owner/Franchisee at Nando's Australia

Characterized as a competent, cooperative and result given management performer. Understanding of today’s dynamic, competitive business environment and cross-cultural diversification. Experience in the variety roles in franchise business, customer service activities in cross-cultural border. Collected and analyzed primary and secondary data, prepare report forecasts and plan sales strategy to exploit opportunity. Track and analyzed programs measure the impact of policy on company financial health
I, Mubin Ul Haider, am a commercially aware business man and the owner and franchisee Nando's Australia, situated in the affluent Brisbane area. You can find me working with high profile global companies. Being the franchisee of many standard firms, Mubin Ul Haider focus on development and productive enhancement of my firms, I am a confident graduate, educated from Griffith University, QLD Australia. I am proficient managing international projects. My resourcefulness and communicative skills helps me to deliver a satisfactory outcome for both my customers and companies I work for. As i work in the field of sales management and retail business, my strategic planing and efficient dealing has helps me in building my business projects. I have a solid track record of growth in my firms. I Mubin Ul Haider passionate and focussed in what i do. Selfishness is not my cup of tea. Despite promoting my business prospects, Mubin Ul Haider see to it that i did"t hurt the feelings of my counterparts.​


7-Eleven is the largest petrol and convenience retailer and one of the largest private companies in Australia. The company has a license to operate and franchise 7-Eleven stores in Australia from the US based 7-Eleven Inc. The first Australian store was opened in August 1977. Today 7-Eleven Stores Pty Ltd. operates more than 600 stores in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, and most recently, Western Australia. Through its store network, 7-Eleven Stores Pty Ltd. conducts more than 180 million transactions a year, serving an average six customers per second, generating sales of approximately $3.6 billion. 7-Eleven operates more than 54,900 stores in 18 countries As a Franchisee I had operated 4 Convenience and Petrol Sites with Combine turnover 7 Million a year. Over 10 years I was responsible for approximately 50 staff for over with more then 700 thousand dollar payroll a year. I was awarded the best "Franchisee of The State 2006"


I am Mubin ul Haider a franchisee business person from Australia.

It was my personal commitment shown in Franchise concept and passion to identify with the brands and their philosophy, and active contribution to the advancement of each brand are the stepping stones for my success as an expert franchisee business person. I believe that the experience gained over my conversations with my customers and fellow travelers has an active impact on the success of the business. Now I would like to cater a few points for those who are looking for new franchisee business in Australia.

Is franchise business a powerful business development strategy in Australia?

Today Australia is a flourishing land of franchise operations in almost every type of business category. The levels of complexity involved in each category are different as per the name of the brand, mode of operation and nature of the target audience. The foremost step in buying a franchise is knowing the franchise – thoroughly go through the franchise guide and build a strong awareness about its nature, brand value, market acceptance, type of TA, prevailed marketing tactics, etc.

Now, you should be inspired from other franchisee operators who already made a successful niche in the field. There are many Australian entrepreneurs who draw commendable admiration from around the world for their remarkable growth. Yes, some of them have a powerful foundation of inherited business and they played safely with the new trends to enhance their wealth. Wealth tends to create more wealth, but a rich background is not the only way to the top. Some of Australia’s wealthiest entrepreneurs started from dirt poor.

These rags-to-riches stories remind us that through determination, passion, and a bit of luck anyone can conquer their circumstances and achieve amazing success. Industry study is the next vital step and it enables you to make right choices and brilliant decisions. Learn the position of the particular franchise in which you are interested in relation to other competitors; understand its core values, nature of promotional activities, market response and what enables it to keep up its position and to foray other co-players. Moreover you should assess your own reasons for wanting to own a business and the lifestyle and income implications of operating it. Then most importantly be ensured that you have adequate borrowing capacity, including working capital, to successfully establish this type of business.


I Mubin ul Haider, the most powerful retailer of Nandus Nando's Australia.

Being an entrepreneur is truly an exciting experience. It demands a rare mix of skills and attitudes and involves a lot of inspiring milestones. My success is determined by what I am and what I yearned for. If you are a self motivated person with a sense of basic ethics and if you have strong leadership qualities, competitive spirit and a mind-set to innovate and inspire, half the battle is won. Another important aspect of business is that, realize your ignorance. Yes, know what you don’t know and hire brains to overcome your ignorance. And be willing to fail also. It doesn’t mean that you should fail, but just don’t be afraid of failures. An entrepreneur should be strategically strong and I am. Think, plan and apply innovations to develop meaningful strategies that have a greater chance for success. A brilliant strategy, blockbuster product, or breakthrough technology can put you on the competitive map, but only solid execution can keep you there. The hardest part is plan implementation. Studies show that up to 90% of strategies fail due to poor execution. You have to be able to deliver on your intent. First of all your employees should be committed to the goals of your business. Build up an inspiring and disciplined work culture. Then develop the strategies into action plans that are achievable and involve your employees so as to ensure the needs of the customer and the organization are met. The road to success is going to be long, so enjoy the journey. Keep your goal in mind, yet focus on each foot step and celebrate the milestones along the way. Let‘s move ahead. Many bends and crossroads are waiting. We just need to continually learn and adapt as new information becomes available. At the same time let us be remain persistent to the cause and mission of our enterprise. Thankfully, the road is well travelled and many have developed the knowledge and wisdom to find the success sweet spot.Mubin Ul Haider is a sucessfull business/consulting services provider.


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Griffith University

Griffith University (GU), QLD Australia MASTER OF INFORMATION SYSTEM (MIS), Management Support Systems & Database Management Systems 1999 – 2001

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Queensland University of Technology (QUT), QLD Australia

MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA), International Business and Marketing

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Aligarh Muslim University. Aligarh, UP, India

MASTER OF COMMERCE...Aligarh Muslim University one of the famous university in India.

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National Institute Of Information Technology (NIIT), Aligarh, UP, India.